The film portrays the hopelessness of the middle-class, educated, urban youth in modern India.

After making numerous unsuccessful attempts to find a job Somnath (Pradip Mukherjee), the central protagonist, finally decides to start his own business as a middle-man.

In spite of his ambition, he soon however finds himself involved in petty dealings, which appear unsatisfactory to him. His friend Sukumar, having gone through similar ordeals but finally being unable to land a job, becomes a taxi-driver.

One day, Somnath finds that in order to land a big order, he must appease a client by supplying him with a prostitute. Despite his tremendous hesitation and after trying several brothels, Somnath finds a girl for the purpose. However, she turns out to be his friend Sukumar’s younger sister. Embarrassed and at a complete loss, Somnath offers her money and requests her to leave, but the girl refuses. Her purpose is to earn money, not beg, she tells him. Somnath delivers her to his client and lands the contract but suffers internally.

মতামত দিনঃ